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Are you looking for a rewarding and professional degree in the field of biochemistry, molecular biology, chemistry, microbiology, physicochemical analysis methods and methods?

So this master bio biotechnology course is for you!

Thanks to this training you will have the scientific and technical skills of the biotechnological, biochemical and agro-food engineering field supplemented by the mastery of communication tools and the knowledge of the management of companies and individuals.
You will be able to study the molecules that constitute living things and products of interest (food, medicine ...). You will be able to follow the transformation of these molecules by exploiting their acquired enzymatic engineering and / or microbiological engineering. You will master the biotechnological or chemical synthesis of molecules of interest (therapeutic, cosmetic ...).
You will also be able to appreciate the impact of the environment and lifestyles on metabolic alterations and health and to propose alternatives to techniques that are not respectful of the environment.
At the end of this master’s degree you will be eligible for a post of engineer-level manager in laboratories or biotechnology, agri-food and chemical companies.

Stéphanie Bordenave-Juchereau


How to apply ?

For the 1st year of the Master’s, application to be submitted.
How to apply to the 1st year of the Master’s
How to apply to the 2nd year of the Master’s



Further Education

-  PhD

Activity areas

  • Agribusiness, agriculture
  • Biology, biotechnologies
  • Health, paramedical


-  Quality insurer, certification, audit
-  Researcher, R & D engineer
-  Commercial
-  Purchasing Manager
-  Production manager

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Updated on 20 November 2023
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