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Mineure EU-CONEXUS “Blue Economy and Growth”



The European University for Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability (EU-CONEXUS) is a transnational European higher education and research institution that covers the smart urban sustainable coastal development from a global point of view.

EU-CONEXUS is formed of 6 European universities, which are located in Croatia, Greece, France, Lithuania, Romania and Spain :

  • University of Zadar (UNIZD),
  • Agricultural University of Athens (AUA),
  • La Rochelle Université ( LRUniv),
  • Klaipeda University (KU),
  • Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest (UTCB),
  • La Universidad Católica de Valencia (UCV).

Three Associated Partners which are located in Cyprus, Germany and Ireland are also members of EU-CONEXUS Consortium :

  • Frederick University (FU)
  • University of Rostock (UR)
  • Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT)


Seas and oceans are drivers for our economy and have great potential for innovation and growth. Blue economy promotes a sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth while preserving the health of ocean ecosystems.

The EU-CONEXUS Minor in Blue Economy and Growth provides you competences and professional skills related to the main industrial and service sectors of the blue economy, which are among the main established and emerging economic maritime sectors :

  • Aquaculture and Fisheries
  • Marine Biotechnology
  • Ocean Energy
  • Transport and Shipbuilding
  • Coastal and Maritime Tourism

In order to receive the Minor´s certificate, during your studies you have to choose courses :

  • From minimum 2 of these economic maritime sectors ;
  • From 3 different EU-CONEXUS universities (one could be yours)

Depending on your study programme, you can choose Minor programme as a part or additionally to your study curricula.

Added value

EU-CONEXUS Minor programme is also an academic exchange experience.

By choosing any of EU-CONEXUS courses you will be studying with classmates from nine different universities in Europe and will gain not only knowledge but also intercultural experience and improvement of your English language skills.

Each EU-CONEXUS course is considered as an academic exchange (similar to Erasmus+) and will be included in the Diploma Supplement to prove your international curriculum.

Course capacity

30 students


Admission to the Minor is based on various criteria : mastering of English, perspectives for career, compatibility with study programme at host institution.

CV, motivation letter and any proof of English level (Cambridge, Toefl, TOEIC certificate or your mark in English obtained at Baccalauréat) must be sent by XXth October 2022 to

Courses description

All EU-CONEXUS Minor courses consist of 6 ECTS. Therefore, if you take 1 course per semester, you will need 5 semesters to gather the required 30 ECTS of the Minor programme.

Pay attention in which semester the course is offered and by which university.

The courses will be taught 100% virtually.

Below is the list of courses available in the Minor Blue Economy and Growth. To see the courses content, please click here

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